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GSPV8 3P 1 副本 PV SPDGSPV8 3P 1 副本 PV SPD

type 2 surge protection device(SPD) GSPV8-1000V dc for pv

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GSPV8 600 GSPV8 1000
SPD classification according to EN61643-11 Type 2 Type 2
SPD classification according to IEC61643-11 Type 2 Type 2
Max.continuous operating d.c.voltage Ucpv ≤600V ≤1000V
Nominal discharge current(8/20u s) In 20 20
Max.discharge current(8/20u s) Imax 40 40
Voltage protection level Up ≤2.6kV ≤3.8kV
Max.backup fuse 125A gL 125A gL
Response time tA ≤25ns ≤25ns
Operating temperature range Tu -40℃-80℃ -40℃ -80℃
perating state/fault indication green/red green/red
Cross-section area(Min.) 6mm² 6mm²
Cross-section area(Max.) 35mm² 35mm²
For mounting on 35mm Din rail
Enclosure material Thermal plastic UL94-V0
Degree of protection IP20


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