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AU8 AuxiliariesAU8 Auxiliaries

GYM8 Auxiliaries

The electrical accessories of this series of circuit breakers are the auxiliary functional components specially designed by our company for GYM8 series circuit breakers. In the light circuit, household and building, different electrical accessories and GYM8 series circuit breakers can be selected according to the need, which can realize remote control, circuit breaker status indication, alarm signal, under-voltage and over-voltage protection function.

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Model AU8 AL8
Type Auxiliary Contact Alarm Contact
Standard IEC/EN 60947-5-1 IEC/EN 60947-5-1
Indicating the On/off state of

Circuit breaker

Sending signal at the time of fault tripping of Circuit breaker
On the front panel, there is mechanical indication which can indicate fault tripping
Distant indication of

Circuit breaker state

Sending signal at the time of fault tripping
Voltage  Ue AC   230/400V AC   230/400V
DC   120V DC   120V
Rated frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Red Mechanica indication No yes
Test function No yes
Working  Current
230V AC  6A 230V AC  6A
400V AC  3A 400V AC  3A
120V DC  1A 120V DC  1A
Contact Number 1NO/NC 1NO/NC
Working  temperature -35~+70℃ -35~+70℃
Wiring Diagram



Model SH8 UV8 OV8 UV8+OV8


Type Shunt Release Undervoltage tripping Overvoltage trip Unde&Over-voltage of Single-phase


Standard IEC/EN 60947-5-1 IEC/EN 60947-1



IEC/EN 60947-1



IEC/EN 60947-1



When it gets signal, it triggers the circuit breaker to trip. When power voltage lowers( 35%~70%Un), it makes circuit breaker trip; When power is not supplied normally, it prevents circuit breaker from reconnecting to the circuit.


Monitor voltage between phase line and neutral line. When voltage rises( for example, neutral line is broken) , it triggers circuit breaker to trip. It has function of over-voltage release, and function of making circuit breaker trip when power voltage lowers.
0.2 S time delay prevents the temporary lowering of voltage from causing mistrip. rated tripping voltage range: 280vac±5%. Rated tripping voltage range: 280vac±5%.

Rated under-voltage tripping range: 55~160v.

Distant control can achieve emergency breaking. Prevent machine from restarting without control signal, ensuring safety. Prevent over-voltage from damaging circuit and equipment. Prevent over-voltage and under-voltage from damaging circuit and equipment.
Voltage  Ue AC   230/400V

AC   48V

AC   12/24V


AC   230/400V


AC   230/400V


AC   230/400V


DC   120V

DC   48V

DC   12/24V


Rated frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Test function No yes yes yes
Working  temperature -35~+70℃ -35~+70℃ -35~+70℃ -35~+70℃
Wiring Diagram


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