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Geya’s mission is to improve the quality of life and the environment through the use of power supply management technologies and services.

To provide competitive products and services in the home automation,industrial automation and energy management fields is our company’s vision.

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Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) for Solar PV Systems

      Installation And Wiring

  • Before installation and wiring, please ensure that professionals have read this manual.
  • Before installation, please check the integrity of the ATS. Then turn on the ATS with the operating handle, check the flexibility of the operating mechanism, and check the on and off states of each phase and the load of the normal and alternative power sources.
  • The nameplate of the product can be seen from the front. If you fail to install in the specified direction due to wiring or other reasons, please contact us. The safety distance S1, S2 should not be less than the distance specified in Figure 2. (More information on side picture).
  • Check the control power supply voltage: 50 / 60Hz AC220V. The connecting wire of the control circuit should not be too long. The cross-sectional area of the copper wire should be greater than 2.0mm.
  • Please equip the ATS with suitable circuit breakers according to the installation requirements of the power distribution system to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.


Download Geya All Types of Solar PV Products Catalog PDF

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Why Geya

Solar Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

  • Compact in structure, reliable in transfer, convenient in installation and maintenance, and has a long life expectancy. 
  • The size of the product is more compact, meets the different installation requirements of customers.
  • Ensure the continuity, reliability, and safety of the power supply.
  • Widely used in various occasions where continuous power failure is not allowed
  • Can be used with an inverter
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Automatic Transfer Switch(ATS)for PV

  • Rated current: 16~100A
  • Rated voltage: 400VAC
  • Number of poles: 2-4 poles
  • Insulation voltage:  690VAC
  • Rated impulse withstand voltage: 8KV
  • Mechanical life: 5000times
  • Electrical life: 2000times
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