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Choosing The Right Automatic Transfer Switch

What is an Automatic Transfer Switch?

An automatic transfer switch is a connector between two different energy sources that helps activate the secondary power when there is a disturbance or stoppage in the regular power source. For example, in a power cut, we rely on an automatic transfer switch to connect the entire system with the secondary power source to keep the device running. To make this happen, we need to have the right automatic transfer switch that is reliable and to our knowledge.

How Does Automatic Transfer Switch Function?

Before knowing about the best automatic transfer switch, you need to understand how the entire process occurs. An automatic transfer switch diagram will help you to understand. The whole set comes with a transfer switch, load center, power inlet box, and power cord. Technicians connect most energy transferring mediums with the constant source and the temporary power source, the generator or the solar energy source. That is why there is a separate generator automatic transfer switch for solar energy. Both function similarly, but many differences exist in load and many other things. Also, you can follow the different types of transfer processes that you can find below:

* Open Transition:

It follows a standard protocol where one power source stops and the other starts. There is a slight delay in power transfer from one source to another.

* Fast Closed Transition:

This process does not delay connecting with another power source. It usually doesn’t wait till the other origin is open. The process is speedy, and there is no delay for a second also.

* Soft Closed Transition:

In this process, the power sources synchronize with the ramp load impulse. That is a seamless power transition process.

* Sub Cycle Transition:

This process takes time to activate the second source using a UPS device.

Benefits of Using an Automatic Transfer Switch

Whenever there is a power shortage, you can enjoy the electricity supply without any disturbance with the help of this switch. The switch will automatically transfer to the temporary source of electricity to run the gadgets. This process involves much technical support controlled by a single controller. That is why you should always opt for the right automatic transfer switch. 

_Automatic Transfer Switch

How to Choose the Right Automatic Transfer Switch?

To decide on the right automatic transfer switch, you need to know the parameters that help you decide:

* Different Loads:

According to the Underwriters Laboratory, there are five different loads:

  • Total System Loads.
  • Motor Load.
  • Electric Discharge Lamp Loads.
  • Restrictive Loads.
  • Incandescent Lamps Loads.

Experts always suggest checking the percentage of Total System Loads in all generators to ensure the transfer switch is capable of the same. Sometimes checking the incandescent lamp load is also beneficial. However, experts always prefer that the exact percentage is not over 30% because that can be dangerous for the system or overload the switch.

* Voltage Rating:

Automatic transfer switches are something that technicians connect to two unsynchronized power sources. The voltage rises when an automatic transfer switch swaps two power sources. The switch should go through such voltage fluctuation to provide a seamless supply. Generally, in Alternating Current (AC) systems, the voltage is 120, 208, 240, 480, and 600 volts, and for Direct Current (DC), it can be different. A switch that can manage such a wide range of voltage spikes is good for you.

All these factors matter when choosing to use an automatic transfer switch. If you have enough experience choosing these electronic units, judging the controller upon these parameters will help you get a good one. Using a suitable controller is safe and long-lasting. That is why always choose the right automatic transfer switch. The right automatic transfer switch will prevent any accidents and significant power loss.

An excellent automatic transfer switch will come with protection from fire, short circuit, overloading, low voltage, and every possible issue these switches might face. Choosing a suitable controller might be a task, but it is easy to know reliable sources or manufacturers. Check out some of the mentioned products to learn more about the right automatic transfer switch and get the best one for you. Even if you are not a professional, using these switches will be easy for you with the help of a manual.

Available Products

GATS-G Isolation Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

GATS-G Isolation Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
GATS-G Isolation Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

Your quest for the perfect isolation automatic transfer switch ends here. This switch is the most durable and stands up on all parameters mentioned above. Therefore, you will experience the best operating performance. The GATS-G Isolation Automatic Transfer Switch comes with a voltage rating of AC440V. While purchasing, you will get the manual that describes the entire process of installation and fixes.

GATS-W-63 Mini Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

GATS-W-63 Mini Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
GATS-W-63 Mini Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

This automatic transfer switch can AC 50Hz and 60Hz rated voltage 400 volts. It comes with protection for short circuits, overload, and under-voltage issues. It also comes with fire protection features. The setup is made safe and ideal for most of the formats. You can use it for lower voltage ratings in two different power sources. It comes in a compact design as well. That is why it is called mini.


The demand for automatic transfer switches is increasing, especially in developed countries. If you are also looking forward to an excellent automatic transfer switch, the above information will help you. Check out the products mentioned on the official website for better suggestions and explanations. Choosing an eco-friendly secondary source of electricity is always a better decision. Even if you cannot depend on that secondary source, you can have them as a backup.

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